Unable to Remove Faceplate

I have a ring 2, bought the quick release battery pack and it’s absolutely impossible to remove the faceplate to use it. I’ve spent the past 2 hours searching online. My model looks different than every video or picture I can find anywehre. Please see attached pics.

My ring sku 88rg400fc100 has a faceplate that does not snap off after you remove the screws. And I don’t have a screw in the middle on the bottom. It’s absolutely impossible to get off because even though I’ve removed every single screw visible, the cover wraps aroung the back of the unit. I really hope someone can help me because I’m extremely frustrated. :womanmad:

Thank you

Sorry to hear about this experience @carmenava! Thank you for attaching those picture examples. It actually looks like you have a Video Doorbell classic model, rather than a Video Doorbell 2.

The classic model does not have a removable faceplate, and the battery is not designed for removable. The back of your Video Doorbell will have a USB charging port to charge this battery. We’re here to help if you have any further questions! :slight_smile:


Well that makes sense!

Thank you

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NOTE! The new Ring 2 (2020) doorbell has been modified and does NOT have a removable battery either. They still call it a Ring 2 but they added (2020) very subtly…and that’s why it is cheaper! You have to unwire it and remove it completely to charge the battery.

Sneaky bait and switch marketing…