Unable to reconnect to new network or change network

So I am really frustrated. Had weak signal for my flood light cam and decided to put in a mesh network instead of adding an extender. Now have good signal strength but I cannto change the network that the camera is trying to connect to and can’t figure out why. There is NO change network option under device health, only the reconnect and so when I try to reconnect it doesn’t work and I am supposing it is because it is not the correct network as the network name is still the old one. Please tell me how to fix this. Tired of trying to find answer and support is not found anywhere.

Hi @LivinginParadise. Try resetting the Floodlight Cam by holding down the setup button for at least 20 seconds. After that’s complete, go to Set Up a Device in the Ring App and walk through the steps as if you were setting the Camera up for the first time. If the setup process asks you if you want to connect to a network used in a previous setup, make sure to tap no so that you can manually select the correct network name and input the password. This should do the trick for you! :slight_smile: