Unable to login on pc/Win10/Firefox after 30 days

This is a recurring problem. After being automatically logged out, the login page goes “dead”. There is no way to click and submit my username and password. My username is filled in and when I hover over continue I get the red circle with a slash through it. It was like this yesterday, too. I’m disabled and rely on my desktop and the Ring Dashboard. It is difficult for me to use my phone for this. I REALLY WISH THAT RING WOULD ALLOW ME TO STAY LOGGED IN FOREVER. The way I discover I’ve been logged out is when the doorbell rings and, of course, I can’t do anything! I’ve cleared the cache/cookies, etc. Of course, my computer was shutdown overnight, so I believe that counts as rebooting.

Hi @mcdanielth. When you log in, you can select the check box to stay signed in for up to 30 days. Are you navigating to Ring.com via a saved bookmark of the log in page? This could cause issues when you are signed out, such as what you’re experiencing. Clearing your cache and cookies will also log you out, so I’d not recommend doing this on a regular basis if you are selecting the stay signed in check box at log in. You may also be asked to sign in again if you are signing in on a different browser or in a private/incognito mode