Unable to join wifi

I installed my ring security system a month ago with no issues. I recently replaced my AmpliFi Mesh system with a Eero Mesh system and the base station will not connect. The Eero is dual band and doorbell camera connects fine. I tried following the trouble shooting in the app to change networks, however when it scans for wifi it says that none are available. I even tried manually inputting the SSID and password but no dice. I’ve tried updating the firmware over ethernet but it sill won’t connect to the network after multiple tries.

Hi @garrisonr. This Community thread here talks about changing your wifi network for your Base Station, it may be of help. Additionally, you can reboot your Base Station to see if that will help it connect. To do this, you’ll need a paperclip or something similar. This next step is important- on the back of your Base Station you’ll see a small hole with the word “RESET” above it. You’ll want to gently TAP, not hold, the RESET button. Just a brief, less than 1 second tap. Holding this down will factory reset your Base Station and that will cause you a whole new issue. You’ll see the lights on the Base Station change, letting you know it’s rebooted. After your Base Station reboots, try changing your wifi network again.

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