Unable to hear the visitor on the New Ring Video Doorbell.

I have just purchased the all new Ring Video Doorbell.

I am just testing prior to installation and am finding that I am unable to clearly hear the visitor on either my Iphone 7 or any of my Alexa devices.

My signal strength is RSSI-28 and have 84.21Mbps download and 17.81Mbps upload to the internet.

The firmware is Up to Date and the Ring app was installed today.

Is there anything I can do to increase the volume of the audio?

Hey @RichardX. Could you show us a video example of this poor audio quality so we could hear what you’re referencing? You can attach a ZIP file of an MP4, or you can copy and paste a share link URL from your event history when you go to share the video (can grab share link when sharing via text message or email).