Unable To Hear Siren In Live View And Recording

So recently I have bought my ring floodlight cam in July 2020. When I first installed it everything was 100% perfectly working fine. The siren sounded like it was supposed to be and very loud. I usually test out the siren weekly to make sure it’s working fine. For those who have the floodlight cam, when you activate the siren the sound from the floodlight sounds buzzy clear, and you can also hear the siren going off from your phone when you activate it, For me it did the Same thing. But about one month after the installation the siren sounded different, It dose have the same siren tone sound but the sound itself sounded more different, it sounded more like blurry and clogged. The worst part is that I can’t hear the siren through the audio of the Live View and recording anymore. I contacted Ring support and we tried everything we could to reset the entire thing but still it did the same thing, however The two way talk from the flood light is still working perfectly fine and you can still hear my voice talking through the floodlight in a recording just like any other ring device. But the siren is not coming through the Live view or recording. I tried explaining to Ring support about this but they seem not to understand me right. What I am really thinking is that it probably needs an adjustment inside the floodlight. It’s very upsetting and sad for this to happen because in my neighborhood there are garage break-ins happening more often Now and I bought the floodlight cam to catch anyone trying to break inside my garage to find out whoever is doing this to our neighborhood and to press on the siren to scare them off to never come back again. But now you can’t hear the siren through the recording anymore and I won’t even know if it’s activated or not.

Ring please help!

Hi @Jacob_Barker007. The best course of action would be to follow up with support to see if they have an update on this issue. If your device is under warranty, you should inquire about a possible replacement.