Unable to have multiple alerts/chime for multiple activation of the bell button within a short span

Hello all, would like to check the interval of ring between each pressing of the bell button?

Because my volume is softer and I might miss the first chime. Pressing the bell button multiple times will not activate more chimes. Thus anyone has any solutions for multiple activation of chimes? Thanks !

Hey @Mite. For your certain situation, I would actually recommend you to get a Chime or Chime Pro! This is like a chime box that’s in your home already, but you can hear the sounds of your doorbell chiming from wherever you put it in your home. Learn more about it in our shop here.

Hi, thanks for the reply. Will getting chime or chime pro allows for multiple activation of button within a short interval? Thanks!

@Mite The Chime or Chime Pro will only ring once as the doorbell will as well, but there are different tones in the app that you can choose the Chime to make in order to hear the sound echoing better in your home!