Unable to connect to Ring Wifi and unable to connect to Ring Network for Ring doorbell pro

Doorbell won’t connect to the WIFI on my phone or the ring network. Yet my other two cameras work.

Hi @MonkeysInHats, what error message do you run into when you try to connect and setup the Ring Video Doorbell Pro? If you could please attach a screenshot of the error message you get, this would help us out in the Community for addressing your concern properly!

Hi there, @thatcherhelton! Thank you for that image example. As you are able to see the Ring setup network being broadcasted, this is a great sign that power is likely sufficient. If one is available, try using another mobile device to complete this setup, to see if it will allow this step to complete successfully. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

I tried using a different device and it did not work. i’m still unable to join the ring network! the device is fully charged. any suggestions?

Hi there, @agonza48! Please ensure neither mobile device has a vpn enabled. If either is an android device, I recommend checking for any android apps that conflict with the Ring app. If the above checks out, but you are still having this concern, please power cycle the Doorbell Pro. This can be done by removing power for a few moments, then reapplying power. Please allow the Video Doorbell Pro to power up for up to an hour, the attempt another setup.

Feel free to also reference this Hardwiring Checklist for the Doorbell Pro, to ensure you have optimal power for setup. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I’m having the same issues and customer service has been a nightmare. The power is fine with all the wires. We checked the output. We completely uninstalled and reinstalled it and I get the same message about cannot join ring WiFi network

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