Unable to complete professional monitoring setup

I have been trying periodically since last year to activate professional monitoring on my Protect Plus yearly plan. Every time I try, I get all the way to the step asking for a secondary emergency contact. When I attempt to complete this step, I always get an error pop up saying “Our system is experiencing a delay”

I have tried this over and over again on 2 different phones, an iPad, several computers. The client side device doesn’t make a difference. When trying it on PC today, I captured the response from the server after submitting the secondary contact and the server returned the following: {“errors”:[15073,15144]}

There was another user that posted this issue in 2021 but I don’t see a resolution.

When this first happened last year I called Ring support but they have me try various devices and ask me to reinstall the app on my phone. This probably needs escalation beyond what they can provide.

Hi @instantkarmapolice. I’d recommend following up with our support team, and requesting to speak with the Ring Alarm team specifically. There may be an issue on the back end with the Location or some other setting, but we can’t see any of that information on the Ring Community since it is a public forum.