Unable to change WiFi network

I am trying to reset my wifi network. When I follow the instructions by going to Device Health, I don’t see an option to “Change WiFi Network”. The connect time on my current network makes the doorbell useless. It takes so long to pull up the app to see who’s at the door that they would leave by the time it happens. I’m trying to change to a wireless mesh network since I have a satellite unit in a room next to the front door. Any workaround on how else to change my wifi network?

Hi @tduncan5084. Are you the owner of the Doorbell, or have you been added as a Shared User? If you are the owner, you should see the Change Wi-Fi Network option under the Network section in the Device Health page. I’ll attach a screenshot of this menu below to show you the option. If you’re a Shared User, however, you would not have the option to change the wifi network as only the owner can change that.

I think I just discovered the issue. I was trying to change it from my PC, but don’t see the option. I just logged into the Ring App on my phone and do see the Change Wi-Fi Network option. It didn’t even hit me that I need to do it from the app.


@tduncan5084 I’m glad you were able to get the wifi network changed over on the Ring App without issue. :slight_smile:

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