Unable to change location of Ring Doorbell

I’m trying to change the doorbell location to a different address. Under device locations there are only two choices of my pre-existing Ring locations and there isn’t an option to add a new address. All the Ring documents guide you to the same menu option which only supply instructions for setting up the location, it seems, for the first time.

Is there any way of doing this without a complete reset of the device and disassociation from the account [and associated online services]?

Hi @jtrepreneur. If you have multiple devices on your account with different locations, make sure to first open the main menu in the top left corner of your Ring app and select the location you want changed. Then open the menu menu again and tap “Settings.” Under settings, you will see an option for “Change Address.” Make sure you are on the correct location when changing the address and you’ll be all set!

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Thanks, Chelsea! That worked. I was looking for a way to add the logical location by which to associate the Device under the Device->Settings->Location view. I guess the app was designed to assist with the setup for the first location. IMO there should be a link or info back to setup locations on that view when changing to new locations that aren’t setup.


This does not combine cameras to the same location in the App… Still two different “Locations” with identical addresses–Locations.

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