Unable to change location name or move camera to it.

I have two Ring cameras at two different locations. Both locations were named automatically with the address when I first set them up. I have since moved and updated the address but I have no way to rename the location. Therefore, it still shows the old address. When I call Support, they think that I need to update my home address, which I do not. I need to update the NAME on the account that is associated with the home address (see screenshot). Also, my camera has somehow been moved to the other location. I need to move the camera back to the correct location so that I have two cameras with two separate names and locations. The UI provides no means to manage any of this that I can find, and the app doesn’t either. Please advise.


From your attached picture, it appears you are using you PC (latop/desktop). The different operating systems, and phones had different options among them. I use my PC (Windows) to watch my cameras with the much larger screen than on my phone. But the Windows App has very limited ability to make account or Ring device changes.

But, it seems that menus on the smartphone apps (iOS and android) are the primary method of controlling your Ring products . The smartphone apps give you access the most number and available selections options. Try logging onto your phone, where you should be able to make the modifications and changes, including NAME, address, and location.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I tried this on my phone and can’t figure out where I can change the name of the camera.

Hi @cjmorillo. You can change the name of your devices in the Ring app under the Device Settings menu > General Settings. I hope this helps.

I am trying to name my stick up cam (battery operated) just the way you describe but it doesn’t “take”. So intead of “motion detected in the driveway” it says “motion detected at your stick up cam”. Fortunately the other two cameras are named correctly so I know when it’s the driveway. It’s just odd that one camera doesn’t perform like the others.

Hi @user2938. Make sure your Ring App is fully updated, and try to edit the name on a different smartphone or tablet if you have one available. If that still doesn’t work, try setting the Stick Up Cam up in the Ring App again and then editing the name after the fresh setup. Let me know if that helps! :slight_smile: