Unable to change Alarm Mode from Away to Disarmed in one step, I have to select Home first

When I am in Away mode, I have to first navigate to Home mode and then Disarmed mode in order for Disarmed mode to take effect. When I go straight from Away mode to Disarmed mode my motion detection is still active. Is this expected? Is there something subtle I need to enable to make this a 1 step process?


Hi there, @steambun! You should certainly be able to disarm your Alarm system immediately from the Keypad or the Ring app. You may have motion alerts on for your Alarm Motion Detector in the Ring app, however, an alert or chirp from it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be armed. Please ensure to set entry/ exit delays and test disarming immediately to confirm in disarmed mode, motion will trigger an entry/ exit delay. Here is our help center article about Arming the Alarm for helpful tips! :slight_smile: