Unable to add Schlage Encode BE489WB to Ring

I get the Ring Video Doorbell 3 & Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt package deal.

The lock says it is model: BE489WB.

It looks the similar to the BE468 or BE469 pictures.

But when I use my iphone ring app > Set Up a Device > Locks & Access Controllers > Connect Using Z-Wave,

I do not see the BE489WB model on the Schlage device list!

I tried to add manually, but I just get the red X on the lock button. :frowning:

Online the schlage website says I need the Key by Amazon app.

But when I search for the app on my iphone, i cannot find it. It says “This app is currently not available in your country or region”.

I live in Canada. I ordered this product directly from the Ring website. :frowning:

I don’t think I’ll ever get what I paid for here. Any suggestions?

Hello @jonowack ,

First, when you went to “Set Up a Device > Locks & Access Controllers > Connect Using Z-Wave” your new Schlage BE489WB lock was not on the device list because it is NOT a Z-Wave device. Your lock is a Wi-Fi device. The other locks, such as the Schlage BE468 or BE469 locks ARE Z-Wave devices and therefore NEED the Ring Base Station Alarm for these locks to interface with the Ring App. The Wi-Fi BE489WB does NOT need the Ring Alarm system, which makes it ideal for people that have Ring Doorbells and Ring Cameras but do not have the Alarm system, but want a controllable Schlage Lock.

Now for some bad news. According to the Amazon website:

  • "Use the Key by Amazon App to set up your Key by Amazon Smart Lock Kit or Key by Amazon Smart Garage Kit, enable in-home or in-garage delivery, and use Key by Amazon features. Note: The Key by Amazon App is only available for download from U.S. app stores. The Key by Amazon App is available on mobile devices with:


So, it appears you cannot get the “Key for Amazon” App, because it is for use at US Amazon cities and stores (this app has many Amazon functions, such as to receive in-car deliveries, delivery times, etc.).

So, you maybe out-of-luck, but might be able to contact Amazon to see if you can get the Key App. And should call Ring Support to see if they can help to get around the “Key App” snag issue you are having, or to work out a return/refund:


Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19, their available hours have been changed also:


But you did ask for any suggestions, and here is where I am now just guessing for a potential solution and other options you might want to try. If you had an Android phone (instead of your iPhone), it might be possible to still download the “Key by Amazon” App from the US Google Play Store App. Note: Google says it requires Android 7.0 and up (conflictingly different than what Amazon website stated), or the Google Play Store App will not offer this App with an older pre-7.0-version. If the Google Play Store App doesn’t allow you to download the Key App, you could download the same Key App through your phone’s browser online to download:


I don’t know if once you set up the Key App and then complete your set up in the RIng App for your lock, do you still need the Key App for the Ring App control to still work? I’m guessing no. So, it might be possible for you to use a friend’s Android phone, use the online website and this phone’s web browser to download the Key App onto that phone, and then put the Ring App on this same Android phone to log into the Ring App using your log-in email/Ring-password, and complete the Schlage Lock setup. Then log off that Android phone, and use your iPhone’s Ring App to see if indeed the setup still works on your iPhone without the Key App? Logically, I think it might work because your RIng settings are not stored on your phone, and they are really stored on the Ring Cloud server email account with Ring. So once that the setup is completed on the Android, this setup and settings should be on the Ring server and available when you use on your iPhone (unless the Ring App does indeed still need the Key App).

But since you own an iPhone, the only way to download the “Key by Amazon” App is from the phone’s US Apple Store (there is not an online web browser site option). Note: Apples says it requires iOS 12.0 or later (again, conflictingly different than what Amazon website stated). Because you are in Canada is probably why you received the error message “This app is currently not available in your country or region.”

For another option (I’m still guessing here), you might be able to download the Key App from the US Apple Store onto your iPhone by temporarily going to “Airplane Mode” to turn off your cellular data connection and turn off your internal GPS locator, and then enabling only Wi-Fi and utilizing a VPN put your phone’s location to a US city location. This might ‘trick’ the Apple Store and allow you to get the Key App onto your iPhone. You really don’t care about the other functions of the Key App that you won’t be able to use in Canada. You just want to use the Key App to set up your lock in order for the Ring App to interface with it.

Now, if all this doesn’t work, disregard the following. But if indeed you successfully get the Key App on your phone or you are able to use a friend’s android phone, here is a good YouTube video on how to integrate your Wi-Fi Schlage Lock with the Key App (before) and then the Ring App (after) and this instructional portion starts at the 12:00 minute part of this video. There are some good tips on installation before the 12:00 minute part too.


This link on How to install the Key App by Amazon might have some details that I’ve overlooked also:


You should probably watch these videos at least once prior to trying the above ‘trick guesses’ that I came with. Well, that’s all on this topic that I have in my brain concerning you dilemma with the Key App. I don’t know if anything I wrote is useful, but I hope so. Good Luck :slight_smile:

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