unable to add devices after re-register basestation

I installed the basic security kits with no problem, but the basestation refused to connect to wifi after I moved my eero a few times. I got frustrated and de-registered the basestation and set it up fresh, which turned out to be a big mistake. Now I’m unable to connect the basestation to the kepad, contact sensor, and motion sensor. When I tried to add the devices, they simply do not connect to the basestation, and there was nothing I can do. Please help! Maybe there is a way to remove the sensors/devices and add them back?

Update: after hours of frustrations trying to unplugging, remove/add, taking battery off, etc., I found a help FAQ that talks about the small pinhole for factory reset. That solves the problem. I wish Ring would skip all those time wasting advices and just go straight to factory reset. Why not?

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