UL 2017 compliant

Are the door sensors UL 2017 compliant?

If you are looking for something water resistant, then there is an outdoor version of the sensor.

Not really the question. For Code compliance, I need a UL 2017 compliant alarm. Basically it chirps, or sounds alram for 30 seconds, or until stopped, when a door wor window leadin to the pool area is opened.
Can Ring door chirps be set for longer than just the one chirp. i.e. 30 seconds.

Hi @SolarEclipse. The Ring Alarm does provide Chirps for when a door opens, but it does not repeat for 30 seconds. You can probably configured an Amazon Alexa routine to achieve this affect, but that doesn’t make it UL 2017 compliant.

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Thank you. Much Appreciated.