UK Ring Video Doorbell Pro - Black Screen Recording

It connects to a TP-Link Mesh network and has been working fine.

Internet speed is around 60 Mbps.

I can view live view with no issues at all. Motion detection also records video without any issues.

The problem is actuall events where the doorbell is pressed. The video is then just a black screen for the period of time it records.

I understand this is somethimes due to slow upload speeds but as mentioned the live view and motion detection recording are not affected.

Anyone heard of this issue?

I should add I am running both 2.4 and 5 speeds onm the wireless as the Mesh network puts these under 1 SSID.

I wonder if that is the issue as I turned on the 5Ghz a few weeks ago after I upgraded to the Chime Pro. Both devices should connect on 5Ghz?

Hi there, @Ian_M. I agree with your thoughts on the 5Ghz wifi frequency. The 2.4 Ghz connection is often more reliable due to it’s ability to connect over distances and through exterior walls, whereas 5Ghz would be more impacted by this. As you mentioned having a lower upload speed, this can also be a factor. A live view, motion, and ring seem similar but are a little different in what each event brings. Live view is triggered from the Ring app and does not result in notification, whereas a motion and ring event does trigger a notification. A physical button push should not make much of a difference, but the event will indeed need optimised wifi and power connection to operate as intended. Another great step is to check your Doorbell Pro Device Health to ensure power and signal strength is sufficient. Switching to 2.4 Ghz on the Doorbell Pro and Chime Pro should help the most. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response.I mentioned my upload was a bit slower as is the case with almost all UK speeds. It is well over the recommended 1Mbps. I believe lats test was around 20.

Device health all shows good and connected and I am soley running of 2.4 at the moment.

Device is within 5ft of the main router.

I spoke to someone on the phone (support line called) who said that the device is faulty and Ring will send a replacement. That was a couple of days ago however they called again today and said there was an issue processing the replacement and someone would be in touch.

I have also raised this on Twitter.

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