UK Ring Pro Install Hardwire from Mains Advice

If wiring a ring pro doorbell direct to a ransformer (no existing door bell) does the Pro Power Kit need to be fitted between the transformer and doorbell? If so does it matter cable order going into the pro power kit? I am confused by the red wire in the attached picture, is this meant to depict live?.

Admin, please do not post links to your installation manual, videos etc. They lack the information I need, hence this request. Please read my question and answer it specifically with detail

Pro Wiring.docx (479 KB)


This is quite a late response but yes, the Power Pro Kit needs to be used in all instances.

the red wire is maybe a bit of a red herring (no pun intended). it just needs to be installed on either of the wires going between the doorbell and the transformer (imagine the red wire in the picture is white and part of the same cable).

Hope that helped or you found the answer elsewhere.

EDIT: I should’ve also said that the polarity (neutral or live) doesn’t really apply because the transformer is outputting AC (alternating current) - this basically means the doorbell doesn’t care which wire is ‘live’ and which one is ‘neutral’.

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