Uk privacy zones

being trying to add privacy zone. I add one to zone 1, press done and it doesn’t save and goes back to normal with out the the little black box . it wont save … since I’ve been trying today the ring shows up message that its crashed and there is a bug in it … all id like to now will this get fixed
using ring wired door bell on Samsung s20fe

thanks in advance

Hi @247repairs. I’d recommend ensuring that your Ring app and phone’s operating system (OS) are fully updated. If either the Ring app or your phone’s OS are not updated, the Ring app may not function as it should and you may not have access to all of the features available. You can read more on mobile device compatibility in our Help Center article here.

I am having the same issue (but with a stick up cam)
Android Ring app version 3.52.0
Android version 11.

Steps taken:

  1. Open Ring app.
  2. Tap cog icon for stick up cam
  3. Tap ‘Device Settings’ icon.
  4. Tap ‘Privacy Settings’.
  5. Tap ‘Privacy Zones’.
  6. Tap ‘Add Privacy Zones’.
  7. Tap the + icon
  8. Move and/or resize rectangle (this step can be ignored with same result).
  9. Click done.
    The privacy zone will vanish either during my attempt to move/resize the rectangle or after I click done. If I click the + icon again it shows ‘Privacy Zone 2’, but as with the first attempt the rectangle vanishes.