UK Hardwired spotlight camera - Possible?

Hi all,

New here so thanks for reading.

I’m based in the UK and looking for a hardwired version of the spotlight camera.
I can see that there is a version offered in the US but I can’t find any information about a UK version.

If it isn’t available, my other thought would be to convert a wired spotlight camera (comes with UK 3pin plug), to hardwired.

Does anyone know if this is this possible? Or supported offically by Ring?
Ideally I’d like not to void the Ring warrenty by removing the plug and wiring directly in.

Just to be clear, I already have a floodlight camera, and the location I’m looking to install the new spotlight camera isn’t covered by the existing camera, and doesn’t warrent such a big device (space is limited).

Any feedback appreciated,

Hey @Morris88. Thanks for reaching out to the Community, happy to provide some guidance here. After checking with my teams, we do not have a Spotlight Cam Mount for the UK due to some wiring restrictions that did not allow us to manufacture the product this way for our UK neighbors, my apologizes for this!

When it comes to converting over the Spotlight Cam Wired to the Mount, we do not have any recommendations or confirmed methods and ways to do this, as we do not recommend messing with the cord on the Spotlight Cam Wired. The reason for this is causing damage to the cord or the device would void the warranty on the device. If you do desire to do this still, I recommend contacting a local electrician first to see if they have a possible way of doing this. They may have a way that they can easily do this, but please note that if the cord is split, since this is attached to the Spotlight Cam Wired, it would most likely void the warranty.