UK Base Station with US Retro Kit, Smoke Monitor and Panic Button

Does anyone know how to get a UK base station working with US Retro Kit, Smoke Monitor and Panic Button?

We do not advise using Ring devices intended for another region, or combining Ring devices from other regions. The Alarm is designed for use in specific regions and might not operate or meet local requirements in an unintended location.

Here is our Retrofit Kit article for more information.

I have a UK Base Station and bought a UK Retro kit. It will not allow me to add it and the app gives a region error. My sense from opening the Retrofit unit - that it does have all the chipsets - including EU. It appears to me that Amazon/Ring have disabled it via firmware based on location. Therefore, my guess is that it is a certification and testing issue for Amazon/Ring in Europe. The question is how long does this take - with COVID, working from home, etc - for an update be released.