UFO's, Drones, Something flying by my flood light cameras

My cameras have been tripped over the past few days by a flying object. It looks like

glowing balls in a vertical manner. It has been caught near my back door and family

room windows. Last night it was back behind my garage. It darts around like a drone or

a Humming Bird (this is larger than a bird) but the cameras didn’t pick up any sounds.

And the cameras don’t get a clear picture. I live out in the country with woods behind

my house.

Is anyone seeing this on their cameras? Or does anyone know who to call to look at my videos?



I saw something similar - even tried to convince my kids it was an actul UFO :slight_smile:

We figured out it was the IR reflection off of a spider web that was infront of the camera. It was a single long spider web thread that was moving from the wind. Used a broom to clean out the stray webs and it went away.

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@CrazyCat is correct! Although in the rare chance, it could be a UFO, it is most likely a spider web or something causing a reflection. Always be sure that your camera and area around your camera are clean :slight_smile:

I have seen the exact same thing you described. I’ve looked at some videos online and have seen something similar but nothing close to the detail in our video. I too live in a rural area so there are no lights to reflect. I am leaning towards it being something to do with the camera. We haven’t had the cameras up for more than a week yet so I’m interested to see if we can get another sighting.

Our ring doorbell went off at 1;57 this morning and caught this