U.K. floodlight

So I have bought the security system, doorbell and the two floodlight Cams. I have watch a tone of floodlight cam videos sets and they all seem to have a metal bracket for mounting. I don’t seem to have this in my pack. All I have is a flimsy plastic backing. Is there any videos on the U.K. floodlight fixing time the wall?

I’ve got a floodlight cam coming on 2nd January. I get the feeling the UK only gets the plastic mounting as a few Amazon reviews mention it.

Hey @ HALO. If you’re missing the metal bracket that’s shown in this video for the Floodlight Cam’s installation, I recommend reaching out to our support team in order to get this replacement part. You will need this part to continue through the installation, so you can reach out to them at 1-800-656-1918!

Hello HALO,
There are many posts on this and other forums highlighting broken/damaged floodlight mounting bracket so it’s a persistent issue that needs to be sorted. It’s made of plastic which is flexible to some extent but shears off even when no force is applied on the cap nuts. I have 2 Ring Floodlights and 1 was a replacement, so I have installed Ring Floodlights 3 times and on all 3 occasions the mounting posts on the mounting brackets tore off from around the base of the posts on the back of the mounting bracket. Even lightly fastening the cap nuts on the floodlight from where the threaded posts stick out from the front of the floodlights mounting holes damages the plastic bracket. The cap nuts are around 10mm in long so the threads inside the cap nuts should be around 7-8mm deep. The mounting posts themselves protrude barely 5mm from the front mounting holes when you align the floodlight on the mounting bracket. As you fasten the cap nuts on the mounting posts, they are pulled and they rip the base where they are inserted on the mounting bracket from behind the bracket.
I called Ring Tech Support and they immediately sent out replacement mounting brackets but the fact is these brackets are too fragile for the size and weight of the floodlight. I noticed that Ring includes metal brackets for floodlights in other countries but not in UK as I have seen these metal mounting brackets on the internet. As for now, I have fastened the cap nuts lightly so the floodlights hang precariously from the mount. This is not safe by any way.
Request Ring to look into this genuine issue and sort this out.
Attaching pictures of the Metal Bracket and damaged plastic brackets.