Two-Way Talk on Floodlight Cam Produces Static

I recently installed two floodlight cams. One of them is working great. The other one produces static when speaking from the Ring app so we cannot understand the speaker. Is this a defect or a settings issue?

WiFi strength currently reads -56.

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Hey @blking. It sounds like it’s something with the device or the device’s wiring that could be causing this, especially if your other one is just fine and your RSSI is not that high. I recommend following up with our support team on this concern, so please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.


I have the same issue with tje Ring floodlight camera that i installed this past weekend. It just sounds like garbled noise when i tty to use the two way talk. The speaker is clear as can be when I’m viewing it live or watching a recording. It only happens when i turn tje mic on. It almost acts like its a feedback issue.

Hi @jimbo73. Do you have any other electronic devices near the Floodlight Cam that may be causing any interference? When you’re speaking through the Live View after activating the mic, do you have any other devices connected to your phone such as a Bluetooth smartwatch? If you have access to a different smartphone or tablet, try utilizing the Two-Way Audio on there to see if this concern is present on both devices, or if it’s isolated to one. This will help us narrow down what the cause is.