Two Way talk not working on doorcam when on phone call

Hi, I am not able to answer the door when I am on a phone call. When I press speaker icon I get message saying speaker is not working and to end call. Is anyone else getting the same message and when did this change. My carer shares my door cam so she can answer for me but cannt now do so if she is taking a call. We thought it was just when she was on a call but it also happens to me when I am on my phone. Has there been an update . I have checked privacy etc but all enabled.

I posted yesterday about live view and 2 way talk not working properly on door cam and this morning the live view itself is no longer working. I can get live view on all other cameras but not door camera. Uninstalled and reinstalled app, checked my phone’s system up to date and even disconnected from router and installed again and still not working at all on live view. No replies to yesterdays query so will ask again today if anyone else having the same problems.

Hi @Petroanna. What is the RSSI on the Device Health page for the Door View Cam? This number will give us a measure of the wifi signal strength that your Ring is receiving, which can impact the ability to access Live View. Additionally, can you please share a screenshot of the error message you receive when trying to open the Live View?