two way communication

how do you establish two way communication with ring3 if you don’t have amazon alexa or echo?

Hi @lfs2shrt. Are you referring to using the two-way audio that you can use to speak to visitors at your door? If so, you’ll just need to open the Live View, rotate your phone so it is landscape view, and then tap the green phone icon in the bottom left. This will enable the two-way audio so you can speak to and hear the visitors at your door. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

@Caitlyn_Ring , I couldn’t hear the person, I think until I turned on Audio Streaming and Recording. Is that correct, that I have to record sound for all alerts (like motion) if I want to speak to someone? Also, there’s a little speaker icon on the lower right, what is that?

Hi @peebs. Can you share a screenshot indicating the Audio Streaming and Recording option you enabled? Additionally, feel free to share a screenshot of the speaker icon you’re referencing. This will allow a member of our team or a fellow neighbor to better answer your questions. :slight_smile: