Two-Way Audio Not Working from Mac to Video Doorbell

We set up the Ring Video Doorbell at work and on the 2 computers (both Macs) nearest the door. It has worked without issue for those 2 Macs for the past 2 months. I came back to work today and tested it for the first time on my Mac. It is not allowing the visitor to hear me talking through my computer. I can hear and see the visitor. I have tried restarting, checked settings on the app and on my computer (the microphone works and is at the highest volume), tested that my microphone works with a different app, reinstalled Ring, and searched the forums and Google for solutions without success. It shouldn’t be an internet issue as we are all hardwired to the same router and have high-speed internet. I’m guessing there is something about my settings either on my computer or in the app that is blocking the microphone. I would appreciate any help resolving this matter.