Two systems, one home

Can I setup two Ring alarm systems in one home, on on wifi, for two seperate sections of my home? One system, with its own base station for a back annex, and one alarm system with it’s own base system for my front section? Would I need two seperate accounts, or can they be on the same Pro account?

Hey @mrcannon. I’ve highlighted what this will look like in a previous post for a neighbor in the Community here if you would like to check it out! It is a situation similar to how your’s will be. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info.

Can I have two Ring alarm systems for my home and have one system self-monitored for a back guestroom that has it’s own entrance, and the other for my main front house professionally monitored? Then the guests can come and go as they please without disturbing the alarm system for the main house. That ok?

We did go ahead and get a Ring alarm system for the guestroom and have it set for Professionally monitoring. If we decide to do this (described above), can we change the status of that guestroom alarm to self-monitoring?

@mrcannon That setup sounds like it should work! As long as the guest bedroom’s Base Station and setup is on a different location (it can have the same address when setting up, since it will not be professionally monitored) in the Ring app while having it self monitored. To change it over to self monitoring, you can go into the Ring app > Settings > Monitoring > Professional > and swap it over to self! Then, once that is on self monitoring, you can set up another Base Station (create a new location as you can only have one Base Station unit on a location at a time) for your home residence to be professionally monitored!

Please note that having these two units may require two plans, even if one is self monitored. This is to ensure you still get the cellular backup on the Base Station that is self monitored, as you need a plan to get the cellular backup. Let me know how the setup works and if you end up finding a liking to it with the two units! :slight_smile:

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That make a lot of sense. Thank you for your help.

One more thing, though: when I set up the alarm for the annex (which I currenlty have), I set it up at my main home location (which has my Ring doorbells, chime, etc.). I’m going to want our main alarm base system at that main location (which is our address) and want to change the location for the annex one that I already setup to something like Unit #A or something. How do I change the location for the Base Station I alreadys setup, without changing the location for the Ring Doorbells and everything else at that location? I just want to change the location for that alarm system.

@mrcannon Happy to help! Quick question, but I’m assuming this is indeed the case from how you described it, do you have the already set up Base Station on the same location as the cameras and chime? If so, you normally have to remove the alarm devices and then unregister the Base Station in order to “move it” to another location. I find that to be a time consuming task, so let’s see if we can do it the opposite way, as the non-Alarm devices can be moved easily from location to location. Please note that moving these devices to a new location can affect the plan they are under, as the plan you may already have is for that location, and moving the devices from one to another location without a plan will leave them without recordings. I recommend to make this move once you are ready to adjust the plans (possibly pay for two), or willing to cancel the plan at this location to subscribe again for the new location.

For moving the cameras and chime over when you are ready, follow these steps:

  • Open the Ring app and go into the Main Menu.
  • Above Dashboard, tap on your location and then Add a Location.
  • You will not set up a device, but this is the way to get the app to make that second location. From this screen of selecting a device, select Doorbells and then Scan Code.
  • Your camera should pop up. You have no code to scan, so simply click the question mark icon at the bottom and then “I’ve tried scanning, and it’s not working.”
  • On this next page, select Ring Video Doorbell.
  • This next page is where we need to be, where it’s saying where are we gonna set this up. You will select Create a New Location, continue and then create a new location again.
  • Put in the location as needed, with the correct address for professional monitoring, and the address as you had it before. You can do this manually as well, and then confirm it on the next page if it’s correct. At this point, the new location is made in the App now, so hit cancel at the top right. It will ask if you are sure, so say yes.
  • If you click back into the locations above Dashboard, you should see that select location. Stay on the location with the cameras and chime, and go into Devices from the Main Menu. This next process will have to be one device at a time, for all of your cameras and chime(s) that need to be moved over.
  • You will go into Device > Device to be moved > Device Settings > General Settings > Location > Select the other location (not the one it is on, as they may look the same) > and then Save at the top right.
  • After all devices are moved over to the new location, feel free to grab the subscription you need for them from so you can start having video recording instantly.
  • The last thing to do from there is set up the new Base Station on your new location, and you will be set for your main home. The last thing to do on the location with the guest house Base Station is to move it to self monitoring, and adjust the address so it can say something like Unit #A. Both of these will be under Settings > Monitoring and Settings > Change Address on the location for the guest house Base Station!

I know that this walk through is very detailed for your specific situation, so I appreciate it if you end up following along with it to reach the solution you’re looking for. Feel free to follow up with questions you may have when doing this, as well as feel free to reach out to our support team, who can walk you through this same process smoothly, as well as make plan adjustments for you in real time! :slight_smile:

Alternatively, would this work and be easier.

Go into my current location that has the Annex Alarm and my Ring Doorbells. Under Settings “Change Address” and change it to “Unit A.” Then setup the new Base Station when it comes with my regular address, and once it’s all setup move the doorbells over to it under the Settings for each of the doorbells?

@mrcannon You know, I don’t know if it’s from the long day, but that would work a lot easier and have you not move anything for now. Let’s do it that way, it should be perfect for you. Let me know how it goes when the time comes! Please note that changing the address now may force you to be self monitored for now since Unit A be unverified, but if you’re okay with that, then you should be all set!