Two Step verification

Is there a way to turn off this two step verification? I do not want it! Half the time I do not have my cell phone around to get the text, and it takes up to 30 minutes for me to get an email.
I do not need the two step, I have good passwords!

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Thank you for your feedback, @playpar. At Ring we value your security and your safety. While 2SV cannot be turned off, you can pick between text message or email verification codes, whichever is easier for you. In addition, we allow for a Remember Me option from the browser when using, and if you are logged into your Ring app on your phone and open the app at least once every 30 days, it should keep you logged in. Check out our Community post about account security for more information. As we always value our neighbors’ feedback, I will ensure that this experience and your feedback is passed onto the appropriate teams here. Thank you, neighbor!

My email is slow! I do not keep my phone handy. I only use Ring on my computer.
If someone wanted to look at me via my camera GO FOR IT!
I should be given the Choice if I want two step or not!!!

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I agree with playpar - I do not need or want two step verification.

I purchased one camera to try out for my new house and wanted another four cameras but I’m glad I found out about two step before I fully committed to Ring. Its one of those ‘gotchas’ that nobody tells you about. I won’t be staying with Ring.

There must be a way for Ring to set up a legal disclaimer for those that wish to opt out of this ridiculous overhead.

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This is absolute ridiculousness. I have email selected, but the email that comes in says “For your security, your verification code will not be sent by email. Here’s how to generate your verification code.” Then proceeds to tell me I need to log in on a device I’ve logged into before. I cannot bring my cell phone into work, period! And now I cannot log into to check my security cameras at home. WTF is this BS!? @Tom_Ring your post is garbage already. You cannot get a code by email.

Hey @Crafty42. When you try to log into your Ring account from a new device or browser that is not recognized, you will need to generate a code from the Control Center on a device that you’ve used in the past. Once you’ve successfully logged into your work computer this way, you should be able to receive your security codes via email in the future. If you have any further issues, please reach out to our customer service team at

Thanks @Tom_Ring , but does not seem to be the case. Our work computers are virtual desktops. Each time I try to log in, I get a code was sent to my email. I check my email and all I have is instructions to generate a key on a trusted device. Does Ring even realize that this restriction is too prohibitive. If I have a trusted device I can use, why would I need to use an untrusted one?

It looks like it’s time to say goodbye to Ring products. I have no idea what they are thinking when they come up with their settings and rules. I can no longer log in at work unless I want to take a half hour walk to my car to check my “trusted device” and generate a code. I can’t check on my camera at home. I can’t set my camera to auto-set to away when I leave home instead of being a dead camera on my wall because I turned it off while I was home. No automation what-so-ever.