Two ring video doorbell 1's wire to one transformer?

Hi, quick question regarding the 1st gen video doorbells. I have two doorbells, one for my front door and one for my back door. I am hoping to bypass my doorbell chime altogether as I hope there is no need for it on the wall anymore now that both the previous doorbells will be gone. Is it possible to wire both the Ring video doorbells to the one transformer? Will they both need their own 25ohm resistor? Or will they both need their own transformer and their own 25ohm resistor?

I have found diagrams for the doorbell pros but can’t find a diagram for two 1st gen doorbells to one transformer. Thanks for any help that anyone is able to provide on this.

Hi @KingKong1. This Help Center article here has the information you are looking for. You would simply repeat this process for the front and rear. Let me know if you have any additional questions.