Two Ring doorbells with different chimes


I would like to have one video doorbell at my front door and another at my side door and so I know which door someone is at I want to have two different chime sounds. Is this possible? Or would I have to call one ‘front door’ and one ‘side door’ and rely on looking at notifications on my phone to see?

Thank you

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Hi @user75161. You can chose different App Alert Tones for your different devices. Just select the device in the Ring app and tap Devices Settings > Notification Settings > App Alert Tones. Let me know if this is helpful!

Thanks Tom. I would prefer my plug in Ring chime to make two different sounds depending on which doorbell was pushed but suppose I’ll have to make do with the app having different sounds although most of the time my phone is on silent.
Thanks anyway.

Hi @user75161. I can understand that. As an alternative, you can use a compatible Amazon Echo device to play a tone when motion is detected. This allows you to have specific tones for specific doorbells. I personally use an Echo Dot for this.


It looks like people have been asking for this for a few years. Maybe its time for Ring to implement it. It is obviously a common issue for many users, including myself.