Two Ring 2 doorbells issue with Notifications

I have a Ring 2 doorbell and so does my daughter. She shared access with me for her bell. I am unable to turn off notifications on hers while having mine on. Both bells have to have notifications on to receive at all. I only want to get at my house.

I have iPhone 10

Hi @Nana-K ! Sorry to hear this. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Ring app? If you have not, can you please? Let us know if that seems to help!

I deleted the app and re-downloaded. That seemed to fixe the problem. When a new device is added, do I need to repeat the process?

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So glad to hear this worked for you! No need to do this with the addition of every new device. It is simply a good troubleshooting step to start with if you notice app/ mobile device functionality is not behaving as intended. Also, we always recommend checking for an app update every now and then, as we are always making improvements to our app and devices. :slight_smile: