Two of the new ring doorbell wired on a single transformer supported?

Doe anyone know if I can set up two of the new Ring Doorbell wired only units on a single transformer?

I’ve found the documentation / wiring diagrams for other multiple ring device scenarios, but not for this one.

Hi there, @ringuser123498! It is possible to have two Ring Doorbells hooked up to a single transformer. This of course will depend on what type of Doorbell you have. This Help Center link will point you in the right direction for any other Doorbell, but the new Doorbell Wired does require 1 chime kit to be installed with 1 transformer and for 1 Doorbell.

I recommend following the Installation Guide here for the best installation steps, as well as watching our video here that explains the setup for a single Doorbell Wired. It is possible to wire the Video Doorbell Wired directly to a transformer that meets the 10-24 VAC requirement, but we recommend that you have a professional electrician handle it if you are not comfortable with such processes and share the links I have earlier in my reply. In addition, we do not recommend wiring 2 Video Doorbell Wired devices directly to one transformer. I hope this information helps!

So the answer is no for the ring doorbell wired units, but there are other ring units that allow two buttons wired directly to one transformer? What units work, and is there a work around for the ring doorbell wired units?

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It was really hard to understand the answer from Tom_Ring @ringuser123498 but the simple answer is NO. There is no way to use two of the Ring Wired Doorbells in an existing home with two traditionally hard wired doorbells with a single transformer. I guess I will return the units.

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