Two of my five flood light cameras turned yellow and camera useless

SPENT over three hours on the phone trying to get help and finding some one that understood that two of my cameras went out. but that’s another story, but my flood lights are of no use, I live alone on 2 acers of land. to the point how many weeks or months will it take to get my replacements, i received one e-mail 1st of dec saying the order was placed. no more follow up emails nothing, a few years back at another house i own the new flood light was here 4 -5 days later maybe less. it was wonderful.
iI know they send a rebuilt that’s fine.I checked Amazon I can get a rebuilt over night please help. leaving town for christmas I need this protection.

Hi @user71562. I’m unsure of the question you are asking. Are you asking about the status of your replacement? Are you asking how long it will take if you request a replacement? Do you need troubleshooting a device? Here in the Ring community, no one has access to your account specific information, including replacement statuses.