Two Motion Alerts for a Single Event

I’m getting two motion alerts on my iPhone that correspond to a single event that the camera is detecting. This just started happening in the last week. I’m thinking there’s a possibility of two things.

  1. I live in Texas and experienced a long power outage. Something may have been disrupted in the security camera. Or,

  2. There is something in the iOS Ring app that has changed in the way notifications are responded to.

I’m in California, we have had no power outages, and I have been getting two alerts in a row with all my doorbell motion as well. Then I can’t open it during the motion. Sometimes I can see the motion later, but then what’s the point? Pretty annoying and would also like to know why?

Hi there, neighbors! The best first step here will be to rule out Rich Notifications as a cause. Check out our Community post about Rich Notifications, which mentions how two notifications may be received at times, in order to provide a quick alert experience. Let us know if this helped!

I appreciate your suggestion but unfortunately it did not change the behavior. I followed the instructions and disabled rich notifications (which were enabled), but I’m still receiving two alerts for a single event. This is new within the last few weeks so I still think it’s related to a recent software update. I took another step by deleting the Rapid Ring app from my phone. It solved the problem but at the loss of the Rapid Ring convenience of quicker response time. I have to think that a software update introduced some defect in the coordination between the two apps and now messaging is not managed in a singular, cohesive way. It could be related to linked devices as well. Either way, it’s not working as well as it used to.