Two factor login

I’m sick of two factor logins. Especially on apps like Ring and other apps where no money is involved. Even to post a question here, two factor login.

How do I turn this irritation off?

We appreciate your feedback, @labdunn. At Ring we value your security and your safety. While 2FA cannot be turned off you can pick between text message or email verification codes, whichever is easier for you. Check out our Community post about account security for more information. As we always value our neighbors feedback, consider this experience shared with our teams here.

It appears that Ring has started enforcing 2FA for all of us who opted out earlier. That is breaking a lot of things, so it would have been nice if Ring had bothered to send us an email informing us of this fact. I’ve been going through all the devices I use with my Ring Doorbell on a regular basis, discovering that about half of them will no longer work because Ring has decided not to support them any more. Again, it would have been nice if Ring gave more explicit error messages than “Unable to contact server” when you really mean “Ring has decided to obselete this version of the app and it will no longer work. No update is available for your device. You can remove this app now, and at least you’ll get some memory back. So long and good luck!”.

And I’m getting pretty sick of receiving and entering email verification codes over and over again - I must have gotten 50 of them by now as I go through all my devices and browsers trying to reconnect with Ring and figure out which ones still work. And again, more issues with error messages. Last night I was getting a “Try again later” to each login attempt on an Android 6 device, only to discover that it was actually requesting codes from Ring each time, and by the time I figured that out, Ring was saying “Too many requests, you are blocked”. Thanks a lot Ring!

Hi @DPAmes - can you please be a bit more specific as to what this is “breaking” I would be more than happy to take a further look into this for you. Also, since posting, have you been able to log in? Thanks

Mandatory 2FA broke Home Assistant and all of older my Android devices where the Ring app will no longer log in and can’t be updated.

I didn’t sign up for 2FA because I don’t need it or want it. I’m not concerned about my standard password security, and if anyone did somehow gain access to my Ring account, they can look at my empty doorstep all they want. That’s why it should have remained optional.

Please tell me how to disable two factor authentication. I do not need it, and I do not want it. It is an annoying inconvenience that wastes my time. How can I disable it?