Two Factor Authentication

I enabled two factor authentication on my account via to send text messages to my phone. After I enter my phone number, and press continue, I never receive a text message.
I tried to change the number associated on my account to my new mobile device and still no message is received.
I then added another user to my account with a new phone number and log in and the text message authentication work fine.
I tried to call Ring support two days ago and they said their authentication service was having a technical problem. Well, I guess that is not the problem as I proved it was working via the second user I added to my account.
Any suggestions?

If you are willing to use a 2FA other than a text, I would suggest what I’m using. I’m using a password manager that supports TOTP. That way I can use any device where I can use a browser. There are also 2FA apps that you can use across many devices.

Thanks for the suggestion. Access is for a family member who is technically challenged, so text message (SMS) is the easiest.
I called and left a message for Ring support and the call back time is 45 min.
Hoping someone in this community has suggestions.

Hi @johnbu. Let us know how the call from support goes! You should be receiving the verification code via SMS when logging in unless there are any issues with your cell phone provider’s service that may be impacting it. :slight_smile: