Two factor authentication stopping us both being 'Owners'

Can anyone help please?
My partner and I need to both be Owners of the ring doorbell and camera for security reasons, as the shared user limits each of us. We are happy to log in to one account on both our phones but the 2fa obviously means you can only link to one mobil e number which is ridiculously frustrating.
Is there a way to become joint owners of a product?
If not, does the authentication app work as a work around for this or will it still generate the code and send to only one mobile number?
Thanks for your help, really frustrating flaw with the product. Shared Users should be allowed to have same permissions as Owners.


Hi @user69428. Unfortunately, there can only be one owner to rule them all. Although, once logged in, you should remain logged in. You can simply be next to each other during the login process to get the correct 2FA code. This is the process is use on my phone/tablet.

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