Two Doorbells in two continents

I have the wire-less old (4-5 year) door-bell with a chime in our house in Sweden. We also have a house in the Philippines. Is it possible to get the new wireless doorbell for that house and handle them in the same app. Also, is it possible to change the two factor authentication to mail since it can take many hours to get a text message on my phone over there. Thanks in advance!

Hi @JonasGudmunds. You can have multiple Locations in the Ring app under the same Ring account, and have devices at both Locations. However, Ring devices are not officially sold, shipped to, or supported in the Philippines at this time. We cannot guarantee that a Ring Doorbell will work properly if you try to set it up at your house in the Philippines. Two-Step Verification is also not available for email. You can select to receive your verification code via text message or authenticator app within the Control Center of your Ring app.

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