Two different pin’s

I bought two refurbished floodlights. What a nightmare! I have not been able to connect them. I’ve tried all the suggestions on here but they haven’t helped. Today I realized that none of the PIN numbers match. For example, I looked at the back of each device and at the setup guide/quick start. All QR codes have a different number under them. Is this my problem? There is not one question even close to mine so I’m guessing I’m just lucky. Please help!I want to add that I have been using the quick start insert since the floodlights are mounted.

OK that was exactly the problem. They are now setup. Did it in ten minutes. Always use the device codes, especially when refurbished.

Hi @Bakering. I’m sorry that you had this setup experience! I’ll be sure to forward this feedback so we can mitigate this from happening again. I’m glad you were able to figure this out. Great work!

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