Turning floodlight lights on by cam motion (not only by PIR)


The belongings in my storage shed were stolen at night. Everything was recorded by the floodlight cam, but the floodlight lights never turned on because the sheds are too far for the PIR to detect movement even when set at the maximum distance setting. If the lights had turned on, probably it would have scared the robber away since he kept looking at the camera and moving in slow motion because he thought the camera was not detecting him because he was moving very slowly.

How can I activate the floodlight lights when motion is detected by the camera (not only by the PIR)?

I’m able to activate the light of other cameras in the property when the camera of the floodlight detects movement. I should be able to activate the lights of the floodlight itself.


Hi @VictorHugo. I’m sorry to hear about what happened. To clarify, are you asking about having the lights on your Floodlight Cam turn on when motion is detected, or do you have a separate Smart Lighting Floodlight that you’d like to have turn on when your Floodlight Cam detects motion? If you mean the Floodlight Cam itself, open the menu in the top left of the Ring App > Devices > your Floodlight Cam > Device Settings > Light Settings > make sure the Turn Lights on With Motion setting is toggled on.

I actually do NOT want this feature. It wasn’t like this before (see this) but it looks like Ring made a silent change such that the lights turn on when motion is detected by camera alone (i.e., not by PIR). Can Ring make this optional?

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