Turn off weather notifications without turning off other Safety notifications

Hi all!

I have an Android device, and I’ve started getting weather alerts from Ring. I already get weather alerts from other apps, which now means I get double notifications for everything that mother nature decides to throw at us.

Tried looking for a way to turn off just Weather notifications, but it looks like it’s classified under the topic of “Safety”, and I can only turn off the entire topic. Is this correct? If so, how do we request the feature to toggle weather on and off separately?



Hi there, @PriS! The Neighbors by Ring app Safety alerts category is for general environmental awareness and potentially dangerous incidents. With the other options being Crime, Lost Pet, Unexpected Activity, and Neighborly Moments, these should include most other events. As this can differ by neighborhood, it is recommended to first see how your Community uses the Neighbors by Ring app to decide best which alerts types to silence.

As we always value our neighbors’ feedback, feel free to add this request on our Feature Request Board. This way other neighbors can share their interest in one place, that we can organize and share with our teams here. :slight_smile:

The OP stated that they have other apps to give weather alerts. Ring should stick to alerting us for things impacting our security system. I’m sure if users are smart enough to have a Ring device and/or Ring Neighbors app they have enough smarts to also have a weather app (and if they’re over 65 they probably have a weather app for every TV station in their area).

So yes, please remove the “weather alerts” or give us an option to turn it off. It’s overloading alerts and making them meaningless as people will ultimately ignore their devices when all they do is alert them.

It’s bad enough people endlessly post “did you hear that” or “animal spotted” we don’t also need weather alerts from a security system/app! That’s what Weather.com, Radar, WeatherBug, or Local News/weather/traffic apps are all for! WE GET IT! There’s WEATHER. I don’t need another app telling me that. Just tell me when somebody is at my door or seen on my cameras or other security system alert! Ring has gone too broad with their alerts and need to spend more time on fixing what you’ve got and delivering quality/reliable devices for a competitive and valuable price.

TURN OFF WEATHER ALERTS! (If you keep them at least get them more localized. I was alerted to something over 2 hours away from my position! real helpful! NOT!)


I get emergency alerts from the National Weather Service through my phone which was cannot be disabled. Why would I need additional alerts from Ring about the same thing?


While I don’t disagree that the system should allow you to toggle the weather alerts off if desired, it’s always good to have redundant ways to receive weather alerts. Various factors can come into play during severe weather that can prevent one notification method from working, so having a few ways to receive the alerts is best.

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These alerts are very unhelpful and extremely spammy. I went from rarely getting safety alerts, and only getting them when they are somewhat useful, to getting them multiple times a week, sometimes multiple times a day. Ring is an app I use for home security and to get notifications related to neighborhood security, not snow, high-wind, or red flag warnings. Today I got a fire alert, red-flag warning for my area, and another red-flag warning for an adjacent county.


These alerts are more annoying and helpful. I get weather from my weather apps. Ring should stay in their own lane and focus on security. I didn’t hire you to watch the Weather.

Late to the discussion, but searched for a way to turn off weather alerts. Living in the climate I do, this is non-stop. So since we can’t turn them off, I started Reporting Post. Flagging them as “Unhelpful, Repetitive, or Inaccurate”, then “unhelpful” which states: “Does not have enough information to be used for solving a crime or improving safety”. Weather alerts have no use on a crime / safety app, and I feel the “unhelpful” flag will be enough for Devs to disable them, especially if others start doing the same.

I cannot stress enough: THIS FEATURE NEEDS TO BE DISABLED.

As someone who loathes most all spammy notifications…. I keep Ring enabled obviously, with priority, so that I know anytime I do receive a notification… that it’s SOMETHING IMPORTANT. - And not something stupid like Facebook or the like.

Now, i’m also forced to be notified for something insignificant like a Flash Flood Watch or something else… less important.

The fact that you can’t disable these ‘weather’ notifications is nothing short of ridiculous.