Turn off Status Light on new Indoor Cam

I agree the blue light is a dead giveaway of where the camera is at. Samsung cameras give the option to turn it off!


I totally agree, this LED is stupid, because it’s also on, if you just want to do a live view without recording into the could (live view without recording into clouds is also impossible?!). It’s not the first product with LED (like Wifi Access points etc) which needs an upgrade because customers ask to deactivate the LED because it’s another stupid light and quite bright. Please listen to your customer needs, keep innovating your products and stop selling same products without listening to your customer experience/needs.


While I agree that the light can be annoying, would you say that you have the right to know via that blue light if a hacker has activated the camera to watch you in your home?

There are pros and cons to having a visual indicator.

If there’s any hacker … I bet he‘ll be able to turn off the light and won’t indicate that he/she is recording :wink:

Don’t think if there’s no light there’s no recording. That’s security from 90th. The light is just for people who might worry less if there’s no light.

If you don’t want to enable hackers access to your camera … power off!


I also agree we should have the right to choose if the light is on or off.
I think situational adaptation is an advantage in marketing a product. For those who want a bright blue light, by default its on.
For those using it as a baby monitor, turn the light off, then it won’t wake the baby everytime they move. The product clearly can be programmed to not turn the light on, as its off until the device decides to turn it on. (not a power indicator light)
I think political sensitivity has forced AMAZON owner of RING, to decide for us that they would rather wake the baby than give us options for the products we own to adapt them to our situational needs.

Thanks AMAZON, ALEXA, and RING for listening to us. (4 months and counting from first post.)


Let the user have the option of turning the light off, it a software thing and shouldn’t be hard to update this.
Please listen to your customers.


IFTTT means

  • IF ring ignores all customer requests and

  • THIS stupid blue LED is not able to be turned off

  • THAT stays that way and it doesn’t overwhelm me to decide either the stupid blue LED is on or off

  • THEN I will return all brand new Indoor Cam back to amazon and wait

Looking forward to the next version where I can decide (like on a half prived D-Link . . . )


What it really means…
A simple “If This Then That” web-based service that allows the creation of conditional commands as “applets” to expand functions of several web services, i.e. Gmail, Pintrest, Facebook and others. These are typically reactionary to the actions of these primary web services to automatically respond to actions they initiate.
An IFTTT applet may be used to automatically upload a new picture to your cloud storage when you receive notification from Facebook that a new picture in which you are “tagged” has been uploaded.
Hope this helps.

Yup…that was extremely helpful! Thanks for sharing.


It seems like a bad design to have a flashing blue light during motion sensor, if an intruder sees this they will immediately know where the camera is and destroy it then carry on with their looting


I need a system that I can control, If the cameras and doorbell can have the ability to turn off the light, then I believe I should be able to do so, and Ring should listen to there customers who want this feature.

It is a deal breaker for me…I am currently looking for an alternative that gives me control of my equipment.


I have too agree. I have a neighbor that’s broken in before he purchased ring so he could figure out what the light means. If the light is on they know your watching. In some cases it’s a good thing because it deters criminal activity. On the other hand they know your not watching or they know where the camera is and can destroy it. Either way it should be the owners of the camera choice.

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Came to thread hoping for a different answer. Have 4 of these and will likely return now. Ugg


When the camera is triggered is exactly the wrong time for the light to come on. Unless you are a robber, then it’s great.




You will know from the notification on your device. Besides if hackers are hacking Ring cameras we have a MUCH bigger problem!

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what’s the inappropriate answer ??
everything can and will be hackable at some point for a hopefully limited time window!
this is not an excuse or a valid argument to demand a simple function that (almost) every competitor offers . . .

you are a very clever one, i wanted to say that if ring does not solve the problem it will not sell indoor anymore, if this than that . . . => deal breaking, full stop!


no side effect, exactly what I did on mine . . . stupidest function ring ever made