Turn off Status Light on new Indoor Cam

I bought 4 of these new Indoor cameras. I want that annoying blue light off.

If a Bad Person/Crook/Clown is in my house, they have no right to:

  1. Know where my camera is due to a blue light shining and notifying them

  2. Any expectation of privacy and knowing they are being recorded or live viewed

I have the latest version of the software and I cannot find a setting to turn it off. Does anyone know how to do this? Thank you.


Hey @Seven3twenty2 ! At this time, there is no way to turn off the light indicator. Keep in mind, the blue LED indicator light will only turn on when the Indoor Cam is triggered and begins recording. Privacy is at the forefront of every device decision we make at Ring. We will be sure to share your feedback with the team, as we are always looking to improve our neighbors experience


“Privacy is at the forefront of every device decision we make at Ring.”

Explain that statement in context of a criminal in my house please.


I agree with adding an option to turn the light off. I’m trying to prevent my 18 year old from knowing I have the camera


Agree, I don’t have the camera’s overly hidden but the bright blue light is very obnoxious and needs to be able to be turned off.

What are the side effects of putting a piece of tape over it?


Stick a bit of tap over the light. The Next cam has no setting from their indicator either.


Nest not having a way doesn’t make it a good thing. I don’t want to announce to someone breaking into my home that they are being recorded. If privacy is at the forefront of Ring’s concerns — there would be a way to deactivate this light. Whose privacy are they protecting… the bad guy’s?


Previously had Lorex cameras. They had an LED ‘turn off’ setting. This should be added to the Ring cameras as well. Some visitors are intimidated when they see the flashing blue light & know they are being recorded.


the Nest cam used to have this setting until Google decided to remove it so they could notify burglers they were being recorded since criminal privacy is very important in today’s backwards political climate.


Agreed. That is certainly one reason … and I’ve experienced it multiple times already. Another reason may that we may not want to alert someone about to do something wrong. It should be optional depending on the situation, with indoor cams in particular.


I’m in the same situation… I have so many Ring products. To have this annoying blue light and no option to turn it off… I’m NOT a fan!! They need to get this resolved. To have to place a piece of tape on it, not an issue but if you need to ensure your cam is working or later want to see the blue light for testing purposes, then?? This is a simple fix for Ring. They need to get on it.


Put a small piece of electric or duct tape over the blue light. It still tracks motion and records and the blue light is no longer visible.



Agreed, I just bought a fire TV strictly for the purpose that it would show me the front door camera on my TV whenever motion is detected. But every time it shows me the front door, the wonderful blue light comes on letting everyone know I’m a creep who’s watching them.

I want to know what’s going on outside my door, but I dont need everyone else to know I’m watching. Very annoying.

Ring, please fix this as this is a very big issue.


I agree the blue light is a dead giveaway of where the camera is at. Samsung cameras give the option to turn it off!


I totally agree, this LED is stupid, because it’s also on, if you just want to do a live view without recording into the could (live view without recording into clouds is also impossible?!). It’s not the first product with LED (like Wifi Access points etc) which needs an upgrade because customers ask to deactivate the LED because it’s another stupid light and quite bright. Please listen to your customer needs, keep innovating your products and stop selling same products without listening to your customer experience/needs.


While I agree that the light can be annoying, would you say that you have the right to know via that blue light if a hacker has activated the camera to watch you in your home?

There are pros and cons to having a visual indicator.

If there’s any hacker … I bet he‘ll be able to turn off the light and won’t indicate that he/she is recording :wink:

Don’t think if there’s no light there’s no recording. That’s security from 90th. The light is just for people who might worry less if there’s no light.

If you don’t want to enable hackers access to your camera … power off!


I also agree we should have the right to choose if the light is on or off.
I think situational adaptation is an advantage in marketing a product. For those who want a bright blue light, by default its on.
For those using it as a baby monitor, turn the light off, then it won’t wake the baby everytime they move. The product clearly can be programmed to not turn the light on, as its off until the device decides to turn it on. (not a power indicator light)
I think political sensitivity has forced AMAZON owner of RING, to decide for us that they would rather wake the baby than give us options for the products we own to adapt them to our situational needs.

Thanks AMAZON, ALEXA, and RING for listening to us. (4 months and counting from first post.)


Let the user have the option of turning the light off, it a software thing and shouldn’t be hard to update this.
Please listen to your customers.


IFTTT means

  • IF ring ignores all customer requests and

  • THIS stupid blue LED is not able to be turned off

  • THAT stays that way and it doesn’t overwhelm me to decide either the stupid blue LED is on or off

  • THEN I will return all brand new Indoor Cam back to amazon and wait

Looking forward to the next version where I can decide (like on a half prived D-Link . . . )