Turn off notifications on Shared Ring Pro Doorbell

I have two houses (my house and my parents) that both have a Ring Pro doorbell. The doorbell for my parent’s house is a “Shared” connection. I would like to be able to turn off notifications for that Shared connection and leave notifications for mine own. Is that possible through the iOS app?


Good question @bquery! This can certainly be accomplished through your Ring app. From the Ring app dashboard, tap the Menu (top left) and select Devices. Here you should see all Ring devices available, and one should show as “shared”. If not, please return to the app menu and select the shared device location, to then access that device.

Once you access the device page there will be Alerts toggles that you may disable to avoid notifications from that particular device. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply! Will that turn notifications off only on my device or for all devices? I was concerned I would be changing settings on their device as well if I did that.

Thanks again!

I’m having the same issue, but using an Android. When I go into the app, each location has its own dashboard. When I click on “devices,” it shows the doorbell and chime at that specific location. The issue is that i have tenants at one location and do not care to hear their doorbells and motion alerts. However, I want these alerts at my home location. Help!

did you ever figure this one out? I have the same situation with a shared doorbell and don’t want to shut off all notifications.

Hi neighbors! If you are a shared user on a device, you can control the notifications of that specific device through the Ring app. When visiting the shared device in the Ring app, there will be motion and ring alert toggles that you can disable. If you own additional Ring devices at other locations, the Ring app allows you to control all of your Ring devices and locations together and separately. This means that toggling off the shared device notifications specifically, will not have any impact on other devices or locations in your Ring app.

Check out our help center article about Shared Users for more information. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: