Turn off Noise Cancellation?

I have a Floodlight Pro Wired cam and while the picture quality is good, the audio is always terrible. It is so choppy that it is impossible to hear any speech close or far away from the camera. I have a dedicated router positioned about 3 metres from the camera which no other devices connect to, and the RSI is always around 50 to 60 . I previously had a Stick Up Cam Elite in the same location, and the audio was far better even in strong wind.

It seems that the noise cancellation is far too aggressive and I wondered if it can be turned off completely. Not the audio, the noise cancellation ‘feature’.

Hi @Labrajaws. There is no “Turn Off Noise Cancellation” feature on the Floodlight Cam. This is something that you can add to the Feature Request Board. In addition to this request, you can try making some adjustments to your router. Steps for this can be found here. I hope this helps!