Turn off motion notifications when disarmed or home

Just set up the ring alarm system and after reading through some of these threads it doesn’t look like the problem of turning off motion notifications while the alarm is set to Home or Disarmed has been fixed.
I can’t understand why this isn’t automatic when the Home/Disarm mode is activated? I don’t want to have to snooze the notifications as seems to be the suggestion from Ring.
Will this be fixed and soon??

I was just about to ask about the same thing. System is set to Disarmed but every time we walk in the hall the thing goes off.

There are a few options for controlling motion alerts for your Alarm Motion Detector. In the Ring app you can enable/ disable Chirps, choose Chirp tones, and toggle Motion Alerts on or off.
This can be done from the Motion Detector page, via the Ring app Menu > Devices > Alarm > Motion Detector.

If you want Chirps enabled for a mode, but not for this particular device, you can choose “none” for Chirp tone option. As I understand your inquiry is for notifications to your mobile device, Motion Alerts toggle and the Alarm Alerts section will help best. To access Alarm Alerts option in the Ring app, open the Menu, visit Settings, and then Alarm Alerts. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: