Turn off motion detector notifications when disarmed

Is there a way to trun off motion detector notifications when alarm is disarmed?

Hey @jmatsoc. Turning off Motion Alerts from the device profile in your Devices > Alarm Base Station > Alarm Devices > Motion Detector > Motion Alerts, will turn off the push notification you can. Rest assured that if you are in Home or Away mode with the Motion Detector monitored in these modes, you should not need this additional alert whatsoever, as if they set off the alarm, you’ll get an alert of that happening from the Motion Detector. I personally has this alert off, as I do not need to hear the sensor going off from me being in my home. In addition, if you go to the Main Menu > Settings > Modes > Sensors > Disarmed > You can disable any chirp sounds in Disarm mode, which will also disable chirps from Contact Sensors as well.


If one smart user turns off notifications this way, does it turn off notifications for all smart users?

Glad you asked, @Cary_Artists! Ring app notifications are per user and mobile device. If you’ve shared friends or family to your Ring Alarm system, they can choose to not receive motion alerts in their Ring app without impacting the alerts that you receive, as the owner. While shared users cannot alter your Ring device settings, they’ll often have an alert toggle available in there app, to turn on or off. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi, why this is not the case for my system?
My ring is set with chirps disabled but if I open the door the sensor triggers the chirp.
Any guess why?

In the app, go to your devices and select the motion sensor . Then make sure the “motion alerts ” toggle is switched off . This will not affect how.

Hi @Mdorelly. Are you trying to disable chirp tones for a specific Motion or Contact Sensor as part of your Ring Alarm system? If so, this is done in the Ring App > Devices > Alarm Base Station > Contact or Motion Sensor > Chirp Tones > change this to None and hit Save. This will disable the chirp tones for that specific sensor, while the Open and Closed Alerts are for the push notifications you can receive.