turn off motion alerts to all devices at once?

Is there a way to turn off motion alerts to all devices at once? I just took out our garbage after midnight, went in the app, selected the doorbell, then clicked the sprocket to go into settings. I then disabled Motion Alerts so my wife’s phone wouldn’t go off. She texted me asking me what I was doing going out the front door so late. I thought, by clicking the toggle switch on the settings page, that would turn on/off Motion Alerts globally. It does not. Is there a way to do this? I have a Ring Doorbell Pro with the latest version of the app on iOS.


**Talk about coincidental, I had this exact same problem today where I had to go into app and snooze 3 Ring items. **

Will be interesting in outcome. Thanks for bringing up

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Agree, a “snooze all” option on the dashboard would be nice.


I have two doorbells and a camera. I would like to see a snooze all devices to turn off motion detection when I am working in the yard. In addition to the snooze all devices, there needs to be snooze all notifications on all phones.

Agreed, I have 3 devices that I have to snooze separately every weekend when I am doing yard work. Seems like a simple fix to snoooze all at once. Has Ring responded to anyone?

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I just encountered this issue this morning with my new video doorbell 2.
This is a complete oversight. A no-brainier.
If I set motion snooze on the app on my phone then ALL devices that are connected to this same ring doorbell (phones, tablets, etc) should be set to motion snooze.
Fix this Ring!

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I have a similar issue. I was going to install a solar powered motion device in the back yard but I am out in the garden regularly throughout the day and don’t want it activating whilst gardening.

I have a Ring 2 doorbell at the front of the house which I want activated all of the time so only want to turn the one off in the back during the day. Them turn it on when I go to bed.
In other words we need the ability to turn these devices off

Also can the audible alarm be disabled

Stay well

I was just thinking it would be better if you could set a time range on the device so you it would active within that range automatically

Knowing me I would wake up in the early hours having forgot to turn it on!

WOW–NINE MONTHS, AND NO ONE HAS RESPONDED WITH A SOLUTION?? It has become apparent to me in my 3 days of ownership of a ring doorbell, that the leader in this field cannot develop a decent app to operate these doorbells!! And the Customer Service appears to be extremely weak also. I think I may be returning this item for it’s extremely weak app!

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This insane they haven’t fixed this problem. I put the ring doorbell in for parents who aren’t tech savvy. We have workers that go in and out. We shouldn’t have to turn off notifications on all phones. INSANE