Turn off most notifications EXCEPT doorbell ringing?

I just switched to an iPhone, and I keep getting non-doorbell related notifications from Ring. Such as “your safety report is ready” or “you have a new sign in”. I don’t want my phone to ping me for these. I can’t figure out how to tweak the notification settings so that some notification are off but the phone will still alert me when somebody rings the doorbell. It seems like all or nothing.
How do I configure this?

Hi @Seattleperson. You should be able to find the answer to your question in this thread here about the Neighbors Safety Report. I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

that did not answer my question.
first of all, I already had neighbor notifications turned off (the instructions you sent me), so apparently that doesn’t work.

second of all, I’m talking about turning off ALL notifications that are NOT somebody ringing the doorbell. for example, I just got a notification on my phone because I signed into this website. I literally do not want any notifications from ring, except when somebody rings the doorbell. where are those settings?

I was able to do this in android, why can’t I do this on an iphone?